Student Council for Physics and Technology (FFT)

The Student Council for Physics and Technology (FFT) is the connecting link between the students and the management at the Institute for Physics and Technology. FFT’s main tasks are to protect the academic and social interests of the students. We communicate different requests, wishes, ideas and questions to the management.

On the academic plane, the student council is continuously working on improving the conditions on the studies we represent. FFT is represented both on the institute level and at the faculty level. This is to ensure that the students connected to our student council get heard at the institute FFT supplies student-representatives to both the program board for physics and the institute council. At the faculty level, FFT is represented in RU (Realistutvalget).

The student council also has an important role when it comes to social togetherness at the institute. We are running our hangout room, called ħ. The hangout room is open every Friday from 7 pm to 1 am. Some selected Fridays we have game-nights, theme nights, quizzes with prices, and similar activities. Sometimes popular science talks about physics are held here, and a scientific employee at UiB holds the lectures. The main idea behind the lectures is to inspire students and arouse interest in subjects and research. After the talks, one is invited to ask questions to the speaker. Semester-parties are also held every semester, as well as yearly Christmas parties for active students and employees at the institute.

For more social events, see the different social committees at the institute: Doppler (physics), Neptun (ocean technology) or Lumen (energy).



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